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Perhaps to help us decide your best hair-course, you could post a photo of your current scalp? I'd feel more comfortable doing a bit of legwork on this if I knew what I was working with.

Steve "Crikey" Norwin

I've heard there's a considerable deal of discomfort. In other words, it hurts like a mother while it heals, basically because they're drilling little tiny holes in your head and shoving hair follicles under the skin.

The good news is that it looks better than the bad-baby-doll-hair.

Frankly, if I could afford it, I'd consider it. I have no shame. I am not going bald gracefully, dammit, I'm bitching and complaining every step of the way!


Bob, it was good to meet you and your fellow bloggers at Blogfest last night. I learned a lot of interesting things about bad art, bad movies, intoxicated fish, the destruction of the planet, and what not to drink (thanks, SIDT).

Like your blog...as for the plugs, um, maybe consider a buzz cut or closer cropped 'do before anything so drastic? Or, I think as someone else suggested, use the barren space for your UPMC tattoo?


thanks for the shout-out bob! :) you are the best-est.

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